Wood chippers for biomass fuel

Wood chippers for biomass heating

There’s a lot of wood-chippers on the market with quite different technical specifications. All of them can chip wood. There are however large differences in the quality of the manufacturing but also in the quality of the woodchips they can produce.

Our selection of wood-chippers is mainly aimed at the production of biomass fuel. Biomass fuel will mainly be burnt in biomass boilers. Therefore, it needs to meet some quality criteria that differ for example from landscaping woodchips. Biomass fuel must be primarily woodchips of homogeneous size with no or few fine particles and no twigs.

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Linddana TP 320 PTO K the rugged chipper for bigger jobs

TP 320 PTO K

The rugged chipper for bigger jobs
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Linddana TP 400 PTO K - The professional choice to chip wood

TP 400 PTO K

The professional choice to chip wood
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European quality chippers

All our chippers come from Denmark, a Northern European country with a long tradition on biomass fuel use. All our chippers are disc chippers that are driven by tractor PTO (Power Take Off). Disc chippers have some major advantages compared to drum chippers when producing biomass fuel. They will produce fewer fine particulates during the chipping process, which is important for the quality of the fuel. Additionally, the disc needs less energy than a drum, meaning that the tractor will use less fuel when operating a disc chipper than with a drum chipper. The simple and lightweight structure of the disc chipper makes also the initial investment less important than for similar size drum chippers.

Homogeneous woodchips without fine particulates nor twigs

On most cases, biomass fuel is produced with branches, treetops, surface boards and any other material that has no commercial value. The risk when using that kind of material is to end up with woodchips with a high twig content. The twigs are a challenge for many biomass boiler silo transfer systems. The twigs can accumulate on top of the augers and prevent the rest of the biomass from falling on the auger. Bigger twigs can even block the small augers on smaller biomass boilers. To avoid that problem, all our chippers can be equipped with twig or brushwood blades.

All our chippers have been selected for the quality of their manufacturing, their ease of use and maintenance, their cost-effectiveness and the quality of the woodchip they can produce.

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Biomass heating systems by Säätötuli CanadaBiomass heating systems

All the chippers featured on this website are distributed by Säätötuli Canada. Säätötuli Canada manufactures high-quality biomass heating solutions including ASME hot-water boilers, hot air systems and containerised biomass heating plants.