Biomass wood chippers

We have selected several wood chippers for their ability to produce a quality biomass fuel.

The TP-brand woodchippers are available in different versions:

  • Mobile chippers (soon available in Canada)
  • Chippers on tracks (soon available in Canada)
  • PTO-driven manually-fed chippers
  • PTO-driven crane-fed chippers, including the biggest beasts of the product range.

Our supplier

We are working with Linddana, a Danish company producing TP-branded chippers. Linddana manufactures the TP chippers since 1980 and is now a leading company in this field. Linddana offers a wide range of chippers for biomass fuel production and landscaping.

TP chippers are recognized for their ease of use, their robust design and their high efficiency. They have been designed to meet the strictest security standards, to be eco-friendly and have a low fuel consumption.

Linddana’s strong international position is based on sharp technical expertise and the promise of high quality for the materials used as well as the manufacturing process. Linddana maintains the highest quality standards by combining high efficiency automation and quality training of their staff at their factory in Denmark.