Biomass wood chippers

Déchiqueteuses à biomasseWood chippers for a cost-efficient biomass fuel production

We have selected several wood chippers for their ability to produce a quality biomass fuel.

Our wood chippers can be fitted in three classes:
The starter chipper: adapted to a small production, for example a sugar shack wanting to make its own biomass fuel for its woodchip-fired maple syrup evaporator.
The solutions for a cost-effective biomass production: the most cost-effective solutions for a semi-professional or professional biomass fuel production.
The high-capacity chippers: to produce woodchips with bigger trees (12 inch diameter and more).

Our suppliers

We are working with the most reliable and well-known chipper manufacturers from Northern Europe: FarmiForest and Junkkari, both from Finland.

FarmiForest - Efficient biomass wood-chippers

FarmiForest is a leader in the design and manufacturing of forestry equipment working on tractor PTO. Founded in 1962, FarmiForest was the pioneer in developing innovating forestry machinery for a more cost-effective and durable forest management. FarmiForest is well-known for the quality, productivity and security of its equipment, as well as for their client-based approach of business.

The know-how of FarmiForest is based on the long history of the Finnish forest industry. Internationally recognized for its winches, FarmiForest has also a full line of grapples, cranes, forestry trailers and wood chippers particularly well fit for biomass fuel production.

The FarmiForest Profi CH260 chipper has been a real legend among the biomass producers in Finland from the beginning of the biomass boom in the 1980s. It was THE chipper you needed to have for an efficient and cost-effective production, as it was well designed and well built. Its successor, the Profi CH27 is an evolution of that best seller with even more efficiency.

Junkkari - Manufacturer of the biggest PTO-driven disc chipper on the marketJunkkari has been the faithful companion of the Finnish farmers for three generations already. Listening to the customer’s needs has always been at the heart of the company’s success, but Junkkari has also been able to innovate on its own know-how.