Cost-effective chipper for biomass production

Chipper biomasse rentableCost-effective chipper solution: FarmiForest CH27 and BC3000

The ideal solution for a cost-effective chipper for biomass fuel production is the FarmiForest Profi CH27 chipper with the FarmiForest BC3000 feeding conveyor.

The CH27 is the new generation of FarmiForest chippersThe FarmiForest Profi CH27 is the new generation of chippers from FarmiForest following the footsteps of the legendary FarmiForest CH260, the most sold PTO-driven chipper in Scandinavia. The CH260 was already known to be the most productive chipper with the lowest maintenance costs, the CH27 has been able to beat that record.

Outstanding woodchip production for the same tractor outputThe graph above show the hourly production of woodchips for a competitor’s machine of the same category and FarmiForest’s CH260 and CH27 chippers. Production is given in cubic meters per hour for a tractor output of 90kW (120hp). The graph shows that the ingenious conception of the FarmiForest CH27 chipper allows it to produce a lot more woodchips for the same amount of tractor output as the other chippers. To put it another way: you will use less diesel for your woodchip production than with any other chipper.

More details on the new generation chipper: FarmiForest CH27.

More details on the legend: FarmiForest CH260.

FarmiForest BC3000 biomass conveyor feeder

To optimize the output of the CH27 chipper, it can be combined with the FarmiForest BC3000 feeding conveyor.

The BC3000 can be added as an option on the CH27 ACR. It can also be added to the CH260 HF-EL/EM models.

The BC3000 is on wheels, making it easy to transport. Switching from transport to work positions is done simply by a hydraulic cylinder.

This cost-effective chipper solution is able to be fed with a bunch of material at a time

The BC3000 makes it possible to feed a huge quantity of branches, treetops, sawmill leftovers… and to simply drop it with the crane on the conveyor. The conveyor will then feed the chipper, allowing the crane to go reach for the next load instead of trying to aim the input of the chipper. This reduces strongly the downtimes and your chipper does not run empty on long periods of time.

The quality of the FarmiForest CH27 combined to the optimized feeding by the BC3000 makes this combo the most cost-effective chipper for biomass fuel production.

You can see the BC3000 working with a CH260 chipper on the video below.