FarmiForest CH260 – Most sold chipper in Northern Europe

FarmiForest CH260 - Le chipper le plus vendu en Europe du NordFarmiForest Profi CH260 - The most sold chipper in Northern EuropeThe FarmiForest Profi CH260 is the most sold chipper running on tractor PTO in Scandinavia (Northern Europe). It can be either equipped for manual feeding or for crane feeding. Although it is being replaced by the new CH27, the CH260 continues to be manufactures by FarmiForest by popular demand from their resellers. It can be combined with the FarmiForest BC3000 conveyor to make the feeding of biomass even easier.

FARMI 3-STEP chipping technology

The FarmiForest CH260 is well known for the homogeneous quality of the woodchips it produces. Disc chippers have a natural tendency to produce woodchips with less fine particles than drum chippers. This model was the first one to produce a wood-energy chip with unsurpassed quality for biomass fuel. It takes full advantage of the FARMI 3-STEP chipping technology: chipping knives (1), counter blades (2) and twig-blades (3a and 3b). This quality biomass fuel produced in a cost-effective way by the most sold chipper has triggered the expansion of muncipal biomass heating in all of Northern Europe.

CH260 with manual feedThe CH260 is available with manual feed. It can then be with direct feed, with hydraulic feeding or with electro-hydraulic feeding with no-stress to avoir to damage your tractor’s motor.

Efficient production made the CH260 the most sold chipper in ScandinaviaThe crane-feed models can be equipped with a steel conveyor (HFC models), or the additional BC3000 feeding-conveyor. These solutions allow to optimize the workflow of the chipper and reduce downtimes when the chipper runs empty.

CH260 chipper has several discharge chute optionsFor an optimal woodchip production, the discharge chute of the CH260 can be modified to your need. The standard chute (1+3) is 2.5 meters (8.2 feet). Optionally, it can be extended with the extension part (1+2+3) for a total height of 3.7 meters (12.1 feet). The Profi DC70/RC350 kit will add the automated chute rotation (4) and the hydraulic adjustment of the visor (5).

VERSION CH260 manual feed​ CH260 crane feed
Max. diameter of wood, inch 10.2 10.2
Disc diameter, inch 41.34 41.34
Disc weight, lbs 529 529
Number of blades, pc 2 ​2
RPM on PTO 540-1000 ​540-1000
Chip size, mm 7-25 7-25
Production capacity, cu ft/h 353-706 353-1412
Power need*, kW/hp 55-115/74-154 70-125/94-168
Weight, lbs 1587-1918 1874-3307
No-stress option standard