TP 320 PTO K – The rugged chipper for bigger jobs

TP 320 PTO K - a rugged chipper for big biomass fuel production

TP 320 PTO K is a very powerful, compact and rugged chipper. It can chip up to 180 cubic meters of wood per hour. You will get the job done even for bigger biomass customers and provide high quality biomass fuel.

Maximum diameter for logs 320 mm / 12 1/2 inch
Woodchip size 12-30 mm / 0 1/2 – 1 2/10 inch
Required tractor power 130 – 250 hp
Tractor PTO speed 1,000 rpm
Chipper weight 2,500 kg / 5,500 lbs

The disc is equipped with TP OPTICUT knife system, with four knives on the disc optimized to reduce vibrations and provide stable wood chipping. The knives are positioned offset on the disc so there is always a knife engaged in the wood, resulting on more even loading on the machine, lower fuel consumption, uniform woodchip quality and smoother noise and vibration levels.

TP 320 PTO K chipper's MOWI crane is controlled by joystick inside the tractor cabin

The rpm monitor TP PILOT K, ensures that the tractor is not overloaded during operation, and has many other functions, including automatic adjustment of the roller and disc rpm. The TP PILOT K acts as a no-stress, reacting rapidly to a fall in your tractor’s rpm by moving back the infeed rollers. It also adjusts the rollers and rpm in real-time according to the knife position. This means that wood is always fed with the correct speed, resulting in uniform professional-grade woodchips, good fuel efficiency and extended lifetime on disc and bearings. A reversible tractor cabin is highly recommended for ergonomical use of the crane and chipper.

The vertical infeed rollers are a highly efficient way to feed branches and logs to your chipper

Two vertical feed rollers with powerful teeth ensure superior intake power, while the knife system TP OPTICUT with four knives distributed in pairs on the disc, greatly reduces the vibrations from wood chipping.

TP 320 PTO K chippers are equipped with MOWI P30 or MOWI 400 cranes

The integrated crane solution provides major advantages when working on wind belts or along roads. The rugged chipper combined with the reliable MOWI crane are a perfect fit. The TP 320 PTO K can be fitted with the MOWI P30 crane with a range of 5.7 meters (16.4ft) or the MOWI 400 crane with a reach of 6.8 meters (19.7ft). Both MOWI cranes are equipped with mechanical parallel guide, meaning that you don’t need to control the height of the crane when feeding the wood. This is easier to use as you need less movement with the joysticks and increases ergonomy.

Reliable biomass fuel production in the forest with TP 320 PTO K chipper combined with a MOWI crane

Adjustable knives for variable woodchip size. If smaller woodchip is required for use in a wood-burning furnace, a TP CHIP KIT can be fitted, which contains sliver breakers and a screen in the ejector spout on the front of the disc.

The efficient ejector spout sends the woodchip flow out of the chipper

The TP 320 PTO K is fitted to the tractor’s 3-point suspension. A hydraulic rotatable ejector spout with an electronically controlled spout can be attached, so that the woodchip ejection can be adjusted quickly and easily.

The TP 320 PTO K can produce huge volumes of woodchip every hour

Your production rate will depend on the size of your tractor, the dimension of the woodchips you produce and the type of wood you use. Theoretical capacity is over 180 cubic meters per hour, but you are not working in theory and need real measured production numbers for your business plan. The table below indicates the output you can expect from your TP 320 PTO K.

TP 320 PTO K m3/h with 130hp tractor m3/h with 250hp tractor
12mm – 0.5in hardwood woodchips 21 63
17mm – 2/3in hardwood woodchips 32 95
12mm – 0.5in softwood woodchips 36 76
17mm – 2/3in softwood woodchips 60 180