TP 400 PTO K – The professional choice to chip wood

The professional choice to chip large amounts of wood is the TP 400 PTO K crane-fed PTO-driven wood chipper

The TP 400 PTO K is the professional choice among PTO-driven crane-fed chippers. It can chip up to a stunning 400 cubic meters of woodchips every hour. Enough to feed even bigger biomass CHP (Combined Heat and Power) stations with high quality biomass fuel.

Maximum diameter for logs 400 mm / 15 7/10 inch
Woodchip size 15-40 mm / 0 6/10 – 1 6/10 inch
Required tractor power 200 – 400 hp
Tractor PTO speed 1,000 rpm
Chipper weight 3,000 kg / 6,600 lbs

The disc is equipped with TP OPTICUT knife system, with four knives on the disc optimized to reduce vibrations and provide stable wood chipping. The kinfes are positioned offset on the disc so there is always a knife engaged in the wood, resulting on more even loading on the machine, lower fuel consumption, uniform woodchip quality and smoother noise and vibration levels.

The TP PILOT K controls and monitors chipper operations from the tractor cab

The TP PILOT K monitoring system ensures constant full control of the chipping operation. It monitors in real-time rpm of the disc and infeed rollers as well as the temperature of hydraulic oil. You will be always aware of the state of your equipment without leaving your tractor cab. The TP PILOT K acts as a no-stress, reacting rapidly to a fall in your tractor’s rpm by moving back the infeed rollers. It also adjusts the rollers and rpm in real-time according to the knife position. This means that wood is always fed with the correct speed, resulting in uniform professional-grade woodchips, good fuel efficiency and extended lifetime on disc and bearings.

The TP 400 PTO K is equipped with vertical infeed rollers

Standard equipment on the TP 400 PTO K includes a hydraulic belt drive coupling between the PTO and disc, automatic roller speed adjustment, integrated high-pressure hydraulics and divided disc housing with hydraulic opening for easy maintenance. Ease of operation and maintenance coupled with high woodchip output makes the TP 400 PTO K the professional choice.

The TP 400 PTO K chipper comes with a choice of two cranes with grapples and rotators

The TP 400 PTO K can be coupled to the MOWI P30 crane with a 6.2 meter (20 ft) reach, or the MOWI 400 with vertical flange with a reach of 6.8 meter (22ft). Both cranes can lift 480kg/1056lbs in outer position and have a 3-ton grapple with TG 22R rotator. The integrated crane support and powerful crane flange ensures a compact and strong design with optimal weight distribution.

A rotating cab seat is highly recommended for the TP 400 PTO K chipper

For optimal production a tractor with a rotating cab seat is highly recommended. The TP 400 PTO K couples on a category III 3-point linkage. If you have a Fendt 900-series or a Valtra S-series tractor, there is a special TP 400 COMPACT K variant made for secure fitting to these tractors.

Direction of the woodchip flow is easy to adjust from the tractor cab

The ejector spout is hydraulically rotating and electronically controlled. You can easily and quickly adjust the place where you want your woodchips to be ejected from the chipper.
Adjustable knives allow you to choose the size of woodchips you want to produce. The TP CHIP KIT with a sliver breaker set can be fitted if you need to produce high quality small woodchips for residential furnaces.

TP 400 PTO K output will depend on your tractor and the type of wood. It can go as high as 400 cubic meters per hour.

Your production rate will depend on the size of your tractor, the dimension of the woodchips you produce and the type of wood you use. Theoretical capacity is over 600 cubic meters per hour, but you are not working in theory and need real measured production numbers for your business plan. The table below indicates the output you can expect from your TP 400 PTO K.

TP 400 PTO K m3/h with 200hp tractor m3/h with 400hp tractor
15mm – 6/10in hardwood woodchips 50 142
23mm – 9/10in hardwood woodchips 75 220
15mm – 6/10in softwood woodchips 50 150
40mm – 1.5in softwood woodchips 140 400