High-capacity chippers

Déchiqueteurs grande capacitéJunkkari HJ500C high-capacity chipperFor big chipping jobs, we have two different high-capacity chippers to fulfill your needs: the FarmiForest Profi CH380 and the Junkkari HJ500C.

If you need to produce large quantities of biomass fuel, for example to feed a municipal biomass heat network, these two chippers are made for you. They are able to chip large quantities of wood to transform it into quality woodchips, while using only small amounts of fuel on your tractor.

Both of these high-capacity chippers can be mounted on trailer frames, allowing them to be easily towed with your tractor.

MODEL CH 380/381​ HJ 500 C​
Max diameter of log, inch 15 17.5
Diameter of disc, inch 57.48 ​54.3
Disc weight, lbs 1355 1433
Number of blades, pc 4 ​2
RPM 540-1000 ​540-1000
Blade adjustment, mm 10-30 5-20
Production capacity, cu ft/h 1059-3531 ​706-3531
Power need*, kW/hp 125-205/168-275 ​80-150/110-200
Weight, lbs 4343-5511 5511
No-stress standard standard

These two chippers are able to output the same amount of woodchips every hour. The Junkkari HJ500C is able to intake bigger log diameters. The FarmiForest CH380 is able to make bigger woodchips, making it easier to adapt the production of woodchips to meet the customer’s demands.

All of our high-capacity chippers can be fitted with additional twig blades that will ensure that no sticks will be present in the wood-energy chips you make.

The CH380 has a simple feeding table. The CH381 and the HJ500C are equipped with feeding conveyors that allow to feed easily big loads of branches, treetops, surface boards and any other material you can use to produce biomass fuel.

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These two chippers make it easy to produce high volumes of biomass fuel and are designed with professional users in mind. For a semi-professional use, the FarmiForest CH27 chipper is usually a more cost-effective solution when you take into account the total investment (tractor, chipper and fuel).