FarmiForest Profi CH380 – The rugged chipper for bigger jobs

FarmiForest CH381 - Chipper robuste pour grands travauxFarmiForest CH380 - A rugged chipper for bigger jobsThe FarmiForest CH380/CH381 is a rugged chipper able to produce large quantities of biomass fuel. It is suitable for operations producing between 5,000 and 40,000 cubic meters of woodchips annually. The feeding opening is 14.96 x 16.53 inch (380 x 420 mm).

FarmiForest CH380 chipper fed with small trees

The FarmiForest CH380 is the ideal tool to produce large quantities of biomass fuel. It uses the FARMI 3-STEP chipping technology: chipping blades, counter-blades and twig blades.

CH380HF with hydraulic rolls and CH381HFC with conveyor

This chipper has two different models available:
– CH380 HF with hydraulic feeding rolls suitable for trunks and whole trees.
– CH380 HFC with a steel conveyor able to swallow almost any kind of material: branches, treetops, surface boards…

The FarmiForest CH381 has its own hydraulic unit, a no-stress and hydraulic controls of the discharge chute. It can also be equipped to be controlled by radio.

The FarmiForest CH380 HF and CH381 HFC rugged chipper have all the specifications you would expect from the FarmiForest chippers: a pristine woodchip quality, efficient feeding system and demonstrated cost-effectiveness. This makes woodchip production easy and ensures lower diesel consuption.

The FarmiForest CH380/381 produces a woodchip with almost no fine particulates that makes it a good fuel to be used in biomass boilers and cogeneration plants.

The rugged FarmiForest CH380 chipperCombining the FarmiForest CH380/381 with a FarmiForest crane and grapple is an efficient solution for wood-energy chip producers that aim to produce between 5,000 and 40,000 cubic meters annually.

With a 200hp tractor, the optimal production will be near 2 cubic meters per minute with only about 0.4 liters/produced cubic meter of diesel fuel.

If however the CH380/381 is unable to swallow the biggest trees you want to transform into bioenergy, do not hesitate to check our other big chippers.