HJ500C – The biggest PTO-driven disc chipper on the market

Junkkari HJ500C - Le gros chipper à disque sur PTO

Junkkari HJ500C - The biggest disc chipper on the market
The Junkkari HJ-500C is a powerful trailed disc chipper that can be used with logs up to 17.5 inch (45cm) in diameter. It is one of the only high-capacity chipper based on disc and not drum chipping technology. A disc chipper will need less fuel consumption on the tractor as the disc is not as heavy as a drum to make it revolve. It also produces less fine particules which is a good quality criteria for biomass fuel.

At best, the HJ500C chipper can reach a chipping efficiency of over 100 cubic meters (3531 cubic feet) per hour. A high chipping efficiency and a robust infeed chute enable the use of load feeding. The woodchip quality is uniform and chip size can be adjusted.

Feeding conveyor of the HJ500C chipperFeed opening is set to a 45 degree angle to the blade, thus allowing an excellent view from the tractor cabin for accurate and efficient work.

The HJ500C disc chipper is mounted on a trailer platformStandard Equipment:
– primary and secondary PTO-shaft (note! 1 3/4″ 6-grooved)
– trailer coupling
– electrical No-stress rotation guard to regulate the feed according to tractor power
– electric controller for tractor cabin
– electro-hydraulic turning of discharge chute and visor
– electro-hydraulic tilting of discharge chute into transport position
– feed roller control
– No-stress setting

No-stress ensures that your tractor's motor is protected against surchargeThe Wizard-C+ control unit controls the direction of the discharge chute, the feed rollers and the no-stress rotation guard. Feed rollers can also be controlled by foot pedals.

– brushwood blade for the chamber (uses 1)
– brushwood blade for the disc (uses 2)
– hydraulic lifting of the upper feed roller
– upper chamber tilting cylinder
– discharge chute extension (length 50 cm)

Brushwood blades increase woodchip qualityIn addition to the brushwood blades for the disc that is available on all models, the HJ-500C features also an optional brushwood blade for the chipping chamber, upgrading the quality of woodchips made from branches, small pieces of wood and surface boards.

​Feed opening size, inch 17.7 x 17.7
Disc diameter, inch ​54.3
Disc mass, lbs 1433
​Blade count, pc* ​2
​Revolutions, r/min ​540-1000
Blade setting, mm 5-20
Max wood diameter, inch 17.5
Chipping capacity, cu ft/h ​706-3531
Power requirement, kW/hp ​80-150/110-200
Weight, lbs 5511
Length in working position, inch 169-190
​Length in transport position, inch 169-190
Width in transport position, inch 90.5
Height in transport position, inch 124
Hydr. feeding device / number of rollers standard/2
Hydr. feeding device with own hydraulics standard
Chute extension optional 0.5 m
Brush wood blades for the disc optional
Brush wood blades for the chamber optional
No-stress standard
Loader feeding equipment standard
Upper chamber tilting cylinder optional
Hydr. lifting of the upper feed roller optional