Junkkari HJ170 – The best tool to start biomass production

Junkkarki HJ170 – L’outil idéal pour débuter la production de biomasse

Junkkari HJ170 - A great tool for small scale biomass productionThe tractor PTO-driven Junkkari HJ-170 chipper is a good solution to start biomass production. It is suitable for chipping logs up to 6.7 inch (17 cm) in diameter. It is only available for manual feeding. If you are looking for a crane feed model, please take a look at our other biomass wood chippers.

This chipper has a feeding angle of 45 degrees to the disc. The HJ-170 chipper comes in two versions, the M-model with no separate feeding device, and as a G-model with one hydraulic feeding roller.

Hydraulic feeding system on HJ170Hydraulic feeding system on HJ-170G

The modern design of HJ-170 chipper includes separate frame and several user-friendly details. The safety of the user is secured in the M-model with a patented feed stopper operated with the control handle. On the G-model, the rotation of the feeding roller is controlled by the handle. The G-model can be fitted as an option with 2 feeding rollers controlled by 1 double acting valve).

The chipping disc of the HJ170The HJ-170 chipper has four blades that can be adjusted continuously depending on the desired woodchip size. The blow wings will finalise the woodchips and blow the chips effectively to the desired location through an adjustable discharge chute.

​Feed opening size, inch7.8 x 7.8​7.8 x 7.87.8 x 7.8
Blade disc diameter, inch29.129.129.1
Blade disc mass, lbs234234​234
Number of blades, pc4​44
​Revolutions, r/min​540-1000​540-1000540-1000
Blade setting, mm​3-203-203-20
Max. wood diameter, inch6.7​6.76.7
Chipping capacity, cu ft/h​​141-282141-282141-282
Power requirement*, kW/hp20-50/27-7020-50/27-70*
Weight, lbs1146 (520 kg)1212 (550 kg)2496 (1120 kg)
Length in working position, inch​5786179
Length in transportation position, inch4863146
​Width in working position, inch596381
Width in transportation position, inch486381
Height in transportation position, inch94.594.5117.5
Hydr. feeding device / number of rollersoptional/11 / 2 option2
Hydr. feeding device with own hydraulicsoptionaloptionalincluded
Chute extension
Brushwood blades for discoptionaloptionaloptional
Brushwood blades for the chamber
Loader feeding equipment
Upper chamber tilting cylinder
Hydr. lifting of the upper feed roller

Extra knives for biomass production without sticksThe optional brushwood blade is attached to the blade. It is used to ensure high quality chips even when chipping small pieces of wood and surface boards. A great tool for quality biomass production.

Electronic no-stress prevents any damage on the tractor motorThe optional no-stress control protects your tractor and PTO-shaft against jamming.