TP 175 mobile ZE Zero Emission – The electric revolution

TP 175 mobile ZE is an electric chipper with no atmospheric emissions

The TP 175 mobile ZE (Zero Emission) is the first electric chipper in its category. Just imagine a wood chipper with no motor noise nor fumes. It is the best tool you can get to make woodchips in urban areas and help improve the living conditions of your city.

Maximal diameter for logs 175 mm / 6 9/10 inch
Woodchip size 4-12 mm / 0 15/100 – 0 1/2 inch
Weight of the unit 741 kg / 1,630 lbs

The electric motor of the TP 175 mobile ZE is silent and powerful

Running on an LMC electric motor, the TP 175 mobile ZE emits no greenhouse gases and has the lowest possible noise for a wood chipper. The 65-volt LMC electric motor outputs 28.5 hp with an impressive 85 Nm torque. You will always have enough power available to chip your wood.

The TP 175 mobile ZE is the ideal tool for chipping wood in an urban environment

Even if it is an innovative product, the TP 175 mobile ZE is far from being a prototype. Built on the base of the sturdy TP 175 mobile chipper with gasoline engine, it is sold with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The battery has a 5-year warranty!

Even better: the battery, the part that so often is the weakpoint of electric equipment, comes with a 5-year warranty. The Lithium-ion battery of the TP 175 mobile ZE packs 288Ah and can operate the chipper during approximatively 4 hours. Its technology allows even chipping while charging.

Electric charger is integrated in the chipper

With its fast electric charger, the TP 175 mobile ZE can fully charge the battery in 7 hours. Maintenance and service operations have been optimized. For example changing the blades requires only one tool and about 3 minutes of work.

Zero emissions for a greener environment with the first electric 7-inch wood chipper

The wood is fed inside a wide 920mm (36 inch) funnel. The opening for the chipper is 175 x 191mm, enough to feed logs up to 7 inch in diameter. The TP Pilot+ control system gives real-time information on the state of the chipper. It includes also an auto-reverse function that will automatically invert the rotation of the feeding rollers if the motor’s rpm are dropping.

Emergency stop buttons are cleverly placed so that it is always easy to stop the chipper in a timely manner. This makes this chipper secure even for rental operations.

The TP 175 mobile ZE is also fitted with the TP Opticut technology, meaning that the blades are placed on the disc in a manner to always be in contact with the wood. This optimizes the quality of the woodchips and reduces the vibrations and energy consumption. What else could you need to produce quality biomass fuel and respect the environment ?