Fuel grade woodchips guaranteed

From the chipper directly to the biomass silo

Junkkari chippers are able to produce high quality woodchips that need no further screening before they can be used in a Säätötuli biomass boiler or furnace. Producing your woodchips with a well maintained Junkkari chipper will guarantee that you have no fuel quality issues with your biomass heating plant. Säätötuli Canada guarantees that the woodchips produced with Junkkari chippers can be directly used with all Säätötuli heating equipment as long as the moisture content is within the technical limits of the boiler.

With the additional brushwood blades, you can even convert branches and surface boards into quality fuel for your biomass heating system. No need to use high valued wood for heating when you have plenty of hog and branches that can be used instead.

More information on the boilers and heating equipment: www.saatotuli.ca